8ZED™ Special Edition Power Inverters - The Professionals Choice

Special Edition Power Inverters, built extra tough for Australian Defence, Police, Emergency Services, Mining and Professional trade clients.

The complete package, 12V and 24V and accessories ideal for the most discerning professional tradesmen, action adventurers and 4WD enthusiasts.

8ZED™ Special Edition Power Inverters are built with larger cooling fans and extra heat sink channelling, enhancing their ability to handle high ambient temperatures while extending component life. You can readily fit the 8ZED™ SE inverter into confined spaces without risking constant overheating.

Thicker insulation is provided between the PCB and the exterior case to better insulate the 8ZED™ Modified or Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter from road vibration. This helps the internal components last longer and means the external casing is also cooler.

Australian owned great reliable service and Australia wide warranty that will not leave you stranded.

8ZED™ Power Inverters are the smart energy solution to mains quality mobile power from your car, boat, truck, 4WD or caravan.

8ZED Special Edition Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter range

Also available: 8ZED™ Value Performance range to drive your dollar further

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