Safety First! DC Circuit Breakers and Battery Isolators

It is essential that you seek the services of a qualified electrician when installing these components.

WallCann, the international distributor of 8ZED™ strongly recommend the professional installation of all power inverter systems, including circuit breakers and battery isolators. This is to ensure safe trouble free operation and to avoid nullifying your product warranty through incorrect installation. In addition to safe operation, circuit breakers and battery isolators can save you money and help maintain your power conversion system efficiency and extend component and battery operating life.

8ZED™ DC Circuit Breakers

8ZED DC Circuit Breaker

The 8ZED™ DC Circuit Breakers are designed for harsh environments.

They are weatherproof and waterproof, making them suitable for domestic and commercial use on land and at sea.

Use your 8ZED™ inverter with confidence, secure in the knowledge that the DC breaker will prevent damage to both your appliances and battery in the unlikely event of a short circuit. Breaking the circuit also reduces the risk of fire and shock hazards in the event of an accident.

Also the handy TEST button lets you use this device as a isolator switch to prevent battery drain via accessories such as inverters, when your vehicle, caravan or boat is in storage during the off season.

Match your Inverter with the Correct DC Circuit Breaker Below.

Amperage Rating50A100A150A200A
Maximum Voltage Accepted42VDC
Interrupt Rating3000A @ 30VDC
Operating Temperature-32°C to 82°C
IP RatingIP67
12V Inverters12V 600W12V 1000W12V 1500W12V 2000W
24V Inverters24V 1000W24V 2000W24V 3000W24V 5000W*
* Note: Maximum continuous rating 4800W

Solenoid Battery Isolator - Partnered with GSL

GSL Solenoid Battery Isolator

8ZED recommend fitting a GSL Battery Isolator, KBI Series, for any multi battery setups in 4wd’s or commercial vehicles. The GSL Solenoid is essential to protect the starting battery from being drained by the auxiliary battery while powering accessories required when the vehicle is switched off. When the main battery has been charged, the GSL Solenoid charges the auxiliary battery, ensuring you always have power to start your vehicle.

The GSL Electronics' Battery Isolator - KBI series:

  • cool operating temperature when energised
  • lowest standby current draw
  • available in 12 and 24VDC versions at 100amp
  • optional LED for operating indication, and fault indication
  • Aux. battery will disconnect at low voltage even in override mode. Protection from loss of main battery.
  • 2 second delay for operation.
  • High voltage disconnection, if regulator fails, trips isolator to protect Aux Battery.
  • No damage from short surges up to 50v.

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