Choose type of Pure or Modified Sine Wave power inverter

The two different power inverter types are modified sine wave and pure (or true) sine wave inverters. The difference between the two types is the quality of the power output, that is how closely it replicates standard AC mains power.

To gain a clearer understanding of the difference in output between true mains power, modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters, please check out the diagrams below.

Comparing the different types of Sine Wave

A pure (or true) sine wave inverter is far more complex than a modified sine wave inverter. Modified sine wave inverters are less expensive because they are manufactured to a simpler design. Pure sine wave power inverters are becoming increasingly common as more appliance manufacturers specifiy their products require a cleaner true or pure sine wave power source.

Pure sine wave power is the preferred power conversion for a range of appliances and tools, particularly sensitive scientific, communications and media equipment and gear including, high performance tools, PC accessories, mobile phones and games consoles. Please check the appliance manufacturers product recommendations and also visit for more information.

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